Gate Valves


Wedge Gate Valves type K

Gate valves are used in thermal power plants in various circuits and applications as a main shut-off device at the main steam outlet or as shut-off device on the steam author, feedwater and condensate cycles. In contrast to stop valves, gate valves have the lowest pressure loss due to geometry. The wedge shape of the sealing allows the highest possible differential pressures.


Parallel Slides Gate Valves type P

The sealing plates are suspended in a plate support so as to be self-aligning. The pressure is transmitted by hardened ball segments and ball cups of large area which are inserted in the sealing discs. Absolutely tight sealing can be achieved by relatively Iow contact pressure. Parallel slide gate valves can therefore be opened and closed with little effort. In piping systems they can be built in any position.


Slab Gate Valves type F

The slab gate valves made according to API 6D & ISO 14313 are usually used for the oil & gas pipe-lines. Slab gate valves may be used for other purposes, such as the chemical and petrochemical industry or particular technical requirements.