Turbine Bypass Systems


Steam Conditioning Valve type DZE

Steam condition regulating valves are used in all branches of industry where steam has to be simultaneously expanded to a Iower pressure and has to be cooled. Both duties are carried without the need to install a desuperheater. For this reason its use is particularly attractive in power stations, steam distribution mains in the chemical industry and in paper mills and sugar factories etc.

The DZE series presented here is used for highest pressures and temperatures. Turbine Bypass Valves are used in all industries where high pressure steam has to be converted to a lower pressure and at the same time to be cooled down. By the design of one or more levels a built-in choke and a patented integrated spray water injection is reducing the vapor pressure and the temperature according to the specified operating parameters. Both tasks are performed without installing a cooler at the outlet of the Steam Conditioning Valve. The patented ring shaped spraywater injection is placed in the low pressure area. Its use is therefore of particular interest for power generation, steam distribution networks of the chemical industry and paper and sugar factories.

A compact hydraulic drive allows shortest reaction time (less 1 sec) to design flexible operating processes. The materials are choosen according to the specific requirements to guarantee an operating of modern baseload power plants as well as the extreme characteristics of peak-load electrical power plants.


Spraywater Control Valves type ESV

Valves of this series feed injection water in a controlled way to the connected fittings and/or coolers. The injection water serves as a hot-steam temperature control. To achieve a good adaption for each application, the injection valves are available as singlestage or multistage type. However, they can be used as control or stop valves also for other media.


Spraywater Stop Valves type ASV

Valve of these series do a shut-off of injection water, which is used for superheated steam temperature control, to downstream valves. Spraywater stop valves have much faster closing times compared to gate valves.